About Us

A little about our name...

KUN is taken from the South African Zulu/Xhosa greeting, "Kunjani?" meaning 'How are you?' 

GWAAN is taken from the Jamaican Patois greeting '"Wha gwaan?' meaning 'What's going on?'

KunGwaani's Brings You Warm Greetings From  Two Remarkable Nations!

Our Brand

As a brand KunGwaani's borrows it's energy and vibe from the people who define everyday life and culture in South Africa and Jamaica. They are fun, friendly and full of peace and "lurve"!

Who we are

KunGwaani's was started by best friends of, Caribbean descent, Lucy & Celia, who both share a mutual love for everything Caribbean and African.

After visiting South Africa multiple times and falling in love with the culture and the people, we recognized how so many things were similar to our Caribbean heritage.

To us, it made sense to create something that beautifully blended both cultures; add to that a divine love of food and KUNGWAANI'S was born.